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MarketPort is a unique cloud based collection of integrated modules and services which easily can be customized for your need. Build to deliver, optimize and improve your Marketing and Sales Operation Management

Developed and refined in cooperation with marketing and sales people in global corporations

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Create Once Publish Everywhere


“I’ll publish the product launch in MarketPort so the office in Hong Kong can work on it”
HQ US 4 April, 3 PM local time

CASE 1 - Time to Market

Local adaption, translation and building without technical skills

Everything in compliance with brand and design guidelines.

Yange is a marketing employee in the Chinese subsidiary in Hong Kong. She is using the CampaignZone to get a visual overview of all the launch material.

She can by using the CampaignZone and WorkZone, which is an integrated module within the MarketPort, adapt, translate or build materials based on the campaign from the headquarter.


“I’m ready with the Chinese product launch and everything is translated and approved”
Chinese subsidiary 6 April, 10 AM local time

Access to Market


Collect, manage and segment all your campaign and product launches from one place. The CampaignZone makes it a breeze to manage and share campaign items like Ads, images, POS, presentations and microsites with a specific market or target group.

WorkZone - the web2print and web2web studio

Our builders in the WorkZone makes it easy to optimize and align the workflow for your marketing and sales operations in a simple, guided and visual way. Whether you need to build a new brochure, campaign or presentation you are fully covered by the builder modules in WorkZone. No need for technical skills and software like InDesign and PhotoShop.


“Please share the new Campaign with our colleagues around the world in MarketPort”
Finnish subsidiary 20 January, 1 PM local time

CASE 2 - Market Operation Management

Share, segment and manage across continents

One of the key benefits in the CampaignZone is the sharing feature which makes it very easy for colleagues around the world to access and adapt Campaigns or materials to their market. You can even share results about strength and weaknesees, budget and goals in MarketPort.


“Perfect! You guys just saved me a ton of hours. Now I just have to translate the text”
Mexican subsidiary 20 January, 3 PM local time

We understand and think marketing and sales - and we call our cloud MarketPort

The mobile SalesAssist

Always at hand where the customer contact and sale takes place.

The mobile sales assistant is the sales representatives mobile office, meeting room and presentation tool on Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. MarketPort’s unique and global "Create Once Use Everywhere" workflow, ensures that everything is automatically updated at optimum quality, both in terms of brand, design and content etc. Presentations, Campaigns, Product and Sales packages, Technical informations etc. supports the individual sales representatives market, target groups and type of meetings.

There is full integration and access to the corporate CRM system, where meetings and customer information etc. can be managed anytime, anywhere.

Sales Assist

The flow

One Source use anywhere.
Global Sales and Marketing Operation Management


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